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2023-10-10 17:10

Spa is now a very popular way of beauty and health. Hydrotherapy is a method of using water with different temperatures, pressures and solute contents to act on the human body in different ways to prevent and treat diseases. There are many effects of hydrotherapy, mainly including: constant temperature cooling, muscle relaxation, regeneration of brain cells, increase of blood oxygen, promotion of heart function, promotion of blood circulation, skin bleaching, pore cleaning, body odor removal, and skin aging cuticle removal. 

The principle is that through the alternate use of various hydrotherapy equipment, the oxygen-rich in the water is absorbed, and the massage of the acupoints by the hydrotherapy achieves the effect of treatment and health care, giving people vitality and health. There are several types of people who are more suitable for spa:


1. People Who Want to Improve Their Body

The massage jets in the spa pools spray a certain intensity of water, which can massage your body in all directions and achieve the effect of full body massage. Some experts pointed out that every 20 minutes of spa treatment is equivalent to the calories consumed by jogging for 3 kilometers, which can improve the whole body. After several spa treatments, the body will be able to gradually improve.

2. People Who Want to Improve Skin Quality

SPA has the effect of whitening the skin, by accelerating blood circulation and the discharge of toxins in the body, it can make the skin smooth, restore elasticity, prevent aging, and activate cells. A 15-minute spa bath every day can purify the blood and detoxify, adjust physiological functions, promote blood circulation, improve human metabolism, help to eliminate body waste and liver and kidney toxins, enhance immunity, adjust endocrine, and maintain optimal physiological circulation, thereby improving skin quality.


3. Middle-Aged and Elderly People Who Need Health Care and Physiotherapy

Rheumatic pain, arthritis, back pain are the most common problems for middle-aged and elderly people. Middle-aged and elderly people only need a spa hydrotherapy massage once a day, let the water flow relax muscles, eliminate soreness, strengthen muscles and bones, and promote blood circulation, so as to achieve self-health care and the purpose of prolonging life.

4. People with Long-Term Insomnia

Through spa massage, you can temporarily leave all troubles behind, let the body and mind reach a state of calm and serenity, relax the nerves, and improve sleep.

5. Growing Children

Through the spa, children can enjoy the fun of bathing and playing with water, and the water column sprayed by the water jets will stimulate the bones. Such a long-term accumulation will help the growth of children. Regarding spa equipment, we have outdoor spa pools products, including classic series, H-series, S-series, D-series and E-series, each with different configurations and features. Available in a variety of sizes, seating capacities and configurations, with hundreds of models to choose from, we can also customize an outdoor spa pool according to your needs.




We also have a swim spa pool, which is a combination of a swimming pool and a spa tub, where you can buy one product but enjoy the features of both at the same time. And the professional swimming training system allows you to enjoy a professional-level swimming experience at home, which is a very good functional configuration. Therefore, for those who are suitable for spa treatment, especially those who have retired or are about to retire, we recommend that you place a gazebo for spa pools in your backyard. Regarding outdoor gazebos, most of our customers prefer gazebo for saunas.

In fact, gazebo for spa pools is also a good choice. Because the spa pool is the best product for family leisure and entertainment, and through the process of spa treatment, the relationship between family members can be enhanced. By placing a gazebo for spa pools in the backyard, you can enjoy spa treatments with your family all year round, without having to be limited by the weather. And the MEXDA gazebo for spa pools is an affordable combination product, we believe you won't regret


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